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March 2012 – Taxonomy – The Backbone of Findability

In Part 1 of our Findability series we  focus on the role a site’s taxonomy plays in a user’s ability to find the product (or content) he or she is looking for. View the PDF

Sizing Up the Competition, Getting the Most Out of Comparative Testing

A new year is upon us, and perhaps you’re thinking it’s time to size up the competition and dominate your space. At Usability Sciences, one of the services we offer is the Comparative Test. We use this methodology anytime our…    Read More »

What’s In the Placement of a Consumer Survey? Everything.

Econsultancy recently posted a comprehensive review of best practices for e-commerce consumer surveys by Tim Leighton-Boyce.  It’s an excellent piece.  The writer is obviously a practitioner, since the advice reflects knowledge that can only have come the hard way.  One…    Read More »